Much ado has been made about the tech industry's private transit system. As a passenger, it probably isn't anything like you imagine.
I imagined myself getting fired 100 different ways. Surely it would happen soon; a curious crowd grew around my mistake.
The BurnWatch now (7 min) | A series of overly dramatic comparisons between Apollo 13 and our work as product designers.
We couldn't ride the shuttles or eat at the cafes, but the building was ours.
A battle between my body and mind have always kept espresso just out of reach. Yet still, coffee is the mind filler.
Despite the outsized impact room-layout can have on investor outcomes, their configuration is often haphazard. I have been documenting my findings for…
There is one common form of critique which I think is misguided: counting taps.
It’s wise to constantly evaluate the opportunity cost of your job.
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